Kingflex open cell flexible soundproof insulation sheet

We have two kind of densities: 160kg/m3 and 240kg/m3.

Products Details

Acoustic panels are soft-furnished and large which can be placed within rooms in a strategic manner to improve overall sound quality. They are usually made from a combination of both fabric and foam which is easy to cut into various shapes and sizes. Customizing walls using acoustic panels becomes much more convenient.
NO Thickness Width length density Unit packing Size of carton box
1 6mm 1m 1m 160kg/m3 8 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
2 10mm 1m 1m 160kg/m3 5 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
3 15mm 1m 1m 160kg/m3 4 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
4 20mm 1m 1m 160kg/m3 3 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
5 25mm 1m 1m 160kg/m3 2 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
6 6mm 1m 1m 240kg/m3 8 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
7 10mm 1m 1m 240kg/m3 5 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
8 15mm 1m 1m 240kg/m3 4 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
9 20mm 1m 1m 240kg/m3 3 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
10 25mm 1m 1m 240kg/m3 2 1030mm*1030mm*55mm
Kingflex is invested by Kingway. Growth in the construction and remodeling industries, combined with concerns over rising energy costs and noise pollution, are fueling market demand for thermal insulation. With 40 years of dedicated experience in manufacturing and applications, KWI is riding on top of the wave. KWI is focusing on all verticals in the commercial and industrial market. KWI scientists and engineers are always at the forefront of the industry. New products and applications are continuously rolled out to make people's living more comfortable and businesses more profitable. We have participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad and made many customers and friends in related industry. We welcome all friends from all over the world to visit our factory in China.Kingflex products meet the American and European standards and have passed the testing of BS476, UL94, ROHS, REACH,FM,CE,ect . The following are part of our certificates

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