Dienes Cryogenic Temperature Insulation Rubber Foam

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. Cryogenic Systems can be fitted under compression so traditional open-cell, fibrous in-fill pieces for contraction and expansion joints are unnecessary . The distinctive color of Kingflex ULT facilitates installation and inspection. . Inner layers of Kinglfex ULT provide optimum mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures, while outer layers of NBR-based Kingflex provide excellent thermal efficiency.

With its benchmark product features and flexibility, our thermal insulation systems are the ideal choice for use in the oil and gas industry.  Save energy and minimise the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Benefit from easy handling and shipment. Reduce  total installed time and drive savings. Plus, achieve optimal thermal performance in lightweight, reduced thickness industrial insulation systems.Density: 55-75kg/m³ Conductivity factor: Average temperature-196℃----0.0127 W(m.k) Average temperature-165℃----0.0169 W(m.k) Average temperature-130℃----0.0186 W(m.k) Average temperature-130℃----0.0212 W(m.k) Average temperature-110℃----0.0231 W(m.k) Average temperature-100℃----0.0242 W(m.k)Density: 40-60kg/m³ Thermal Conductivity: Average temperature0℃----0.033 W(m.k) Average temperature-50℃----0.028W(m.k) Recommend Operating Temperature: -50℃ to +105℃ Percentage of Close Area: >95% Moisture Permeance Factor: <1.96x10g(m.s.Pa) Wet Resistance Factor μ: 》10000z Water Vapor Permiability Coefficient: 0.0039/h.m2(25mm thickness) Tensile Strength MPa: 0℃--0.15; -40℃--0.218 Compressive Strength MPa: -40℃, ≤0.16.We participate many exhibitions every year and have made many customers and friends from all over the world.

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